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Shoes make the man and in the case of elevator shoes, can make a man’s career. In spite of the fact that the average height of men worldwide is 5-foot 7-inches (172cm), visual marketing would have you believe that the entire world is at least 6-feet tall (182cm). The end result is that our expectations of virility and power are skewed, shaping our judgment about individuals.

Just as women wear altering undergarments to manipulate sway your perception, more and more men are using lift footwear to create an initial impact.

The Mechanics—Is It Expensive?

Years ago, men’s shoes were elevated by using thicker exterior soles – such as platforms. Unless they were extremely expensive, they were obvious to any onlooker, defeating the first purpose of appearing taller without making an issue of it. Today, that is no longer the case.

Look for:

  • Exterior Soles that appear normal in the front with a slighter higher heel.
  • Interior Soles that are made with breathable material and are raise the heel.
  • A well-known name in the elevated footwear business will provide you money back guarantees and quality materials.
  • The shoes should look stylish not dowdy.
  • The secret to having a shoe that raises your height is that it is a fashionable, modern shoe that any man would want to wear.

Fitting Lifestyles—What’s The Height Increase You’re Looking For?

When selecting the height increase that you want, remember that the height promised is the difference between standing barefooted and increased height when wearing the shoe.

  • If you have never worn elevated shoes, start with a 2 – 2.5” increase.
  • Buy your correct size. Your foot will slide forward in a larger size and your heel will be in the wrong place.

Occasionally, some may squeak or make a whooshing sound. This is usually due to either a flaw in manufacturing or from extensive wear, a sign that a new pair should be ordered soon.

Elevated footwear for men is now available in a huge variety of styles, materials and colors.

  • Choose a sport shoe for sporting outfits like shorts or jeans and a dress shoe for office and evening wear.
  • White, blue and red are some of the most popular sporting colors.
  • Canvas and suede are available.

Choosing the right shoe includes the right size, fabrication, color and style.

What Are The Unexpected Benefits?

The obvious benefit to purchasing elevator shoes is that you appear taller and in turn, more virile and powerful. You command respect.

That said, there are other benefits that may come as a surprise.

  • Creates better posture.
  • Prevents injuries to the spine and back due to slouching.
  • Generates better lung capacity and increased oxygen, making breathing easier and allowing more oxygen to infiltrate the blood stream which increases energy and brain functions.
  • Increases self-esteem.

With the variety and availability of Elevator shoes on the market today, there is a style for every one of every age. Raise your own expectations for success in your business and personal life with the right elevator shoes for the purpose.

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