Improve Your Posture and Grow Taller Faster

If I only knew that good posture can help me grow taller I probably be much taller now but I only thought good posture was meant for politeness, you know, like “sit up straight at the table”. I even remember one elementary school teacher bribing my class with candy to sit up straight during reading time. That was a two birds with one stone kind of thing though, I love candy and reading. There are three specific ways that you can improve your posture, and here they are.

The Tilted Pelvis Problem

You can think of the pelvis as a lever when it comes to posture. There is an actual condition that impeaches your height. This condition is prominent in individuals that have larger stomachs and lack stomach muscles. You can test this out yourself by straightening your shoulders so that they aren’t leaning forward. If you want more information on exercises that can aid in the improvement of this pelvic problem you can refer to the Exercises to Make You Grow Taller Naturally page.

Knock-Knees and Bow Legs

These are deformities are not uncommon in individuals. Having knock-knees and bow legs does indeed knock a few inches off of your height. If you are someone that has knock-knees then you might have already noticed this after a long days worth of walking. Individuals with the knock-knee deformity tend to put all of their weight on the inner arches of their feet. If you want to eliminate this condition, then you need to start walking differently. If you start walking with all of your weight on the outer rims of the soles of your feet, then you will alleviate this condition. Once you start walking this way, you may notice that your knees are separated a little bit more and that your legs look a little bit longer because they are straightened out. Remedying this condition adds that additional few inches. You can also go see an orthopedist to get special inserts for your shoes, as someone that used to have flat feet I know just how important these doctors are. However, bow legs are the exact opposite of knock-knees. In order to alleviate this condition you would have to put all of your weight on the inner arches of your feet instead of the outer rims. An orthopedist can also prescribe you special inserts to fix this problem as well.

Round Shoulders

Round shoulders is a condition where there is an abnormal curvature of the spine with an additional unnatural forward thrust of the shoulders. One of the defining symptoms of this condition is carrying the head too far forward. you can also alleviate this symptom by holding your head high with your chin up. You also need to keep your shoulders back to prevent them from drooping. This is especially important for women because this drooping can cause sagging breasts. However, make sure that your posture does not become stiff and rigid, this can affect breathing. Always keep your posture comfortable and relaxed.

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