What foods can help you grow taller quickly?

I tend to research different things in my free time. Back in late 2015 I was bedridden. I tore a muscle during a night terror, but that is another story for another time. That time spent bedridden resulted in two months of researching holistic treatments for various ailments and other things. Although how to grow was not actually on this agenda, it was never far from my mind. As someone that is 5’2, I can specifically relate to the dream of being just a little bit taller. I did a co-op in a kitchen back in grade 12 and one of my co-workers actually had to lift me up in order to put something away. I have many other examples of embarrassing moments, but I think we can jump into the actual subject matter at hand now. How we can grow taller.

Nutrition is a big factor in this category. Healthy eating can be very beneficial in not only your mental health, but also your physical health. Did you know that drinking milk and eating yogurt can help you grow taller? Well believe it, because it does. The recommended amount of milk is two glasses a day. We all know that milk is essential for our bones and a big chunk of our cells, but along with the added calcium boost, it also gives us a large amount of protein and vitamins. You should keep this in mind the next time you are considering fiddling with your diet. Yogurt offers the same thing as milk does, but it also is beneficial for your appearance as well.

But if dairy isn’t your thing, you can always resort to veggies. I bet a few of you are groaning at the thought, I know I did. Turnips also have the potential to make you grow taller. They contain growth hormones which work deep within the cells of the body to indirectly increase one’s height. I’m not particularly fond of these onion-look-alikes, but the best way to consume this vegetable in order to grow taller is to drink it as a juice (gross) or to cook them with mild seasoning (meh). However, if you want to get a little funkier with your food intake, you can also try rhubarb. Rhubarb has similar offerings, except instead of containing growth hormones they have the ability of stimulating the secretion of these lovely hormones.

I could probably go on about this topic for ages, but what I really want is for you guys reading these articles are to try this out. Try any of the growing taller articles out. Before we part ways I will share a few more of them, they are: eggs, peanuts, beans, or peas, spinach, and finally oatmeal. You can no doubt find recipes online that fit into what you want.

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