Can You Still Grow Taller After Puberty?

I bloody well hope this is true. I was one of those kids that started puberty a little early. I started right before grade eight if my memory is correct. After elementary school and throughout high school, I never really grew much. When we got measured for our graduation gowns I had maybe grown an inch or two since I graduated elementary. Whether this is true or false, I think it could possibly lessen a lot of self-confidence people have regarding their height. I know it will with me.

There are several scientific reasons why an individual can grow past 25.
The first reason involves the curvature of the spine and the second involves how expandable the invertebral cartilage of the spine.

The Physiology behind Spinal Curvatures

Infants that cannot sit up don’t have these specific curvatures, but as they grow, they develop. These curvatures are important when it comes to the ability to sit up straight and have proper posture. You can probably picture at this point what that would lead to if one doesn’t possess this aspect.

The spine has three curves. The first one is at the neck, the middle of the spine, and the last is at the lower back. Each of these curves bends a specific way. The neck and lower back curve bend forward, and the curve in the middle of the spine bend backwards. These curvatures can deepen as weight is added while one grows older. You can add height by decreasing the degree of these curves, there are certain exercises that you can do in order to achieve this and you can find them at this grow taller exercises page here.

The Expanding Invertebral Cartilage

If you think of your body as a slinky, then you will easily imagine this image. It is a proven fact that your body is taller when you are lying in bed. But when you sit up and gravity starts working its magic on you, it gradually retracts.

Basically this growth and retraction is because of pressure. When you are lying down in bed, your invertebral cartilage is not experiencing any pressure or compression, or anything of the sort. This is why one appears to be taller when lying in bed. However, when you stand up there is obvious compression and pressure on your invertebral cartilage. You can blame this one on gravity.
There is a variety of stretches that you can do in order to aid in adding those few extra inches. These stretches are meant to target your spine; however they do have a handful of other purposes.
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